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Hope of Life

Christmas Hope Bags


People all over the globe are doing amazing things, fighting for change. Some people look at this world and think about all the negative things that happen. We don’t. We look at it the opposite. We know there are amazing people and organizations all around doing selfless, amazing, life-changing work. The problem is, no one knows about them. No one sees it. People actually don’t know.

C&I Reach exists to shed light on these people, these issues, these organizations to help raise awareness, raise funds, and change the way people think. To challenge them to care, and to educate people about life beyond their own small world. Every time you work with C&I Studios, we give a portion of what we earn to the organizations that C&I Reach supports. How do we do this? It’s simple. Our staff told us, ‘We’ll take less money, and give it to them.’ So when anyone hires us, they are actually helping put shoes on kids’ feet, dig wells in Africa, and build a home for orphans. This is what makes us work as hard as we do. Giving funds to these organizations isn’t always enough. There is a need for us to be active and literally “Reach” into these peoples lives and their communities. C&I Reach does just that.


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