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“Covering 100% of the food costs so caretakers at loving children’s homes can focus on providing a supportive home base built around encouragement and learning.”

Rice Bowls works in the poorest regions around the world to absorb the most regular burden for grassroots children’s homes. They cover 100% of their daily food costs, providing the means for these loving homes to nurture their unlikely family with delicious, locally sourced ingredients. These homes constantly work to provide orphaned children with brighter futures. Rice Bowls helps keep them on that path. Free from the constant struggle of feeding so many children, these caregivers can now focus on encouraging, teaching and installing positive life skills in their kids. The love these homes provide is the most essential step in starting their children on a fulfilling life of self-sufficiency.

As a global nonprofit providing extensive media coverage and marketing support to small organizations, so they can continue expanding their mission to help more people, we really connect with Rice Bowls. The work they do every single day across 8 countries is astounding. Together, and with your support, we can actually put a dent in world hunger. Let’s help put food on the table for more and more loving children’s homes.

C&I Reach is a registered 501c3 non-profit company that supports non-profit organizations around the globe.

Rice Bowls nonprofit organization
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